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       Oflameron Rescue PHOTO
       One of the Android applications written in Java - Rescue PHOTO a photo recorder for a smartphone. If you have an old Android smartphone, make them a photo recorder with FTP access and save photos on a free web server. You can view photos on any device from any browser.
       The program takes photos on a timer and uploads them to any web hosting service using FTP protocol, for example, to a free web hosting service. On the
http://oflameron.com website, you can download and install the APK file of the application and see the Java source codes.
       Download Android 10 app Oflameron Rescue PHOTO from GOOGLE DRIVE:
Install APK >>  Support >>
       Web Cam
       Wiki Web Cam -
       This Android app has several cool features. For example, you can make the screen dark after starting the application. This will save battery and make the device less visible.
       Web Cam
       The Oflameron Rescue PHOTO app only works with a vertical screen. This allows you to simplify the program and control the space over a greater distance.
       Another interesting feature of the application is Telemetry. In the picture, you can see the text at the top of the screen. This is some analogue of the Android Studio Debug function.
       You can see the settings that the program uses, see errors, turn the camera on and off, record files, connect to the server, etc.

Android Studio Example

       Web Cam
       Program settings page. You can specify the webserver address, username and password, the address of the folder on the server, the start and end time of the photo session (morning and evening), the number of photos on the webserver (then they are cyclically overwritten) and the time between taking photos.
       Click on the picture to go to the site and read more about the settings.
       App Oflameron Rescue PHOTO has an admin guide that contains a lot of useful information. You can go to it from the settings page.
       Web Cam
       If the Internet is not available somewhere, the application can work autonomously. It will save photos in the memory of your smartphone and you can then view them. A photo recorder Oflameron Rescue PHOTO is a convenient tool for monitoring objects, the state of which rarely changes. This significantly saves Internet traffic and the amount of data on the web server.
       This is a real freeware app. You can use it for free for any number of surveillance systems, you can distribute or add to archives (including those published for a fee).
       Development and testing of the application requires financial costs, which are compensated by advertising on the official website of the program. Versions of the application with new features and for new operating systems and new smartphones will be created while advertising revenues compensate the developer's costs.

Android Studio Example

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